What We Do

Array Technology provides a scalable, on-demand image processing, categorization and indexing service that helps operations teams reduce the manual labor that comes with naming and organizing unstructured documents. Our service allows you to begin naming and organizing documents immediately, adapt to changing workflows/documents without IT intervention, and scale processing needs on-demand - all within an elastic pricing model that is based on paying only for what you use.

How We Started

ARRAY is a 2014 spinoff of First Financial Network, Inc. (FFN). A market leader in loan sale advisory work since 1989, FFN has served banks; various financial institutions; the FDIC and other government agencies in the underwriting; valuation; marketing; and sale of commercial; residential and consumer loans. FFN has completed approximately $30 billion in loan sale advisory engagements and has sold loans in 28 countries.

As part of its operations, FFN has actively utilized imaging to support its loan sales processes. This reality eventually resulted in the development of a proprietary document identification and naming technology designed to automatically analyze and identify discrete documents within a large number set of documents. This technology became known as the Constellation Processing Cloud.

Recognizing the value that Constellation provided, and the need for focused development and marketing efforts, FFN formed Array Technology with the goal of bringing Constellation’s value to a wider market.