Bliss Morris - Board Member

Bliss began her career in asset sales after being selected to participate in the development of one of the first FDIC Asset Marketing Departments in the nation. Her FDIC tenure and extensive involvement in numerous bank closings allowed her to gain a clear understanding of the complexity of loan valuation and disposition, as well as establishing strong ties in the marketplace. Recognizing the need for similar disposition strategies in the private sector, she founded First Financial Network and has been responsible for the company’s overall operations, strategy, growth, and development since 1989.
Since that time, FFN has sold all types of performing and non-performing loan types. Today, she continues to be actively involved in the marketing of loan portfolios on behalf the firm’s private sector and governmental clients. Her extensive level of experience and knowledge of the loan sale industry has truly made her a pioneer in establishing secondary markets for whole loans. Bliss’s commentary on loan sale initiatives and the capital markets has been featured in such outlets as CNBC, Bloomberg, Globe St. and Reuters.

John Morris - Board Member

John is involved in developing FFN’s corporate growth strategies and managing the senior management team. In addition, he manages other corporate activities ranging from the active marketing of loan portfolios to long-term positioning strategies, but particularly in the areas of research, legal agreements and business plan development and implementation. He is actively involved in marketing large balance assets, complex credits, and syndicated loans. John also leads FFN’s International team. He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Europe and maintains contacts with numerous institutions operating in the region including international money center banks, regional banks, government central banks, ministries of finance, the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund. He has been a speaker at several distressed debt conferences in the U.S., Latin America, and Germany. He has managed numerous Latin American projects for FFN including operations and teams in Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia.

Nathan Lorenz - Director of Customer Integrations

Nathan is in charge of integrating client solutions with the variety of products and offerings for Array. Nathan has developed and designed numerous programs and is the co-inventor of Array's patented classification algorithm. He is also focused on the development of Array's core workflow management system and many of Array's data extraction algorithms. Nathan received his Bachelor of Computer Science from DePaul University.

Todd Pannell - Director of Services & Delivery

As Project Manager, Senior Professional Todd Pannell provides detailed supervision throughout Array’s entire five-phase imaging and indexing processes for all clients. He is intimately involved in setup, document inventory and reconciliation, scanning, image enhancement processes, image quality control, indexing and secure delivery of imaged documentation. During his tenure at FFN and Array, Todd has been an integral part of the offsite project team on nine FDIC projects where he was responsible for all inventory controls as well as leading the imaging team. Todd’s strong background in project coordination, loan processing, and inventory management has provided vital support to FDIC imaging and indexing projects for 168 Receiverships.  He earned a BA in Personnel/Human Resource Management from East Texas State University.

Steve Griffin - Director of Product Management

Steve is a seasoned Engineer and Data Analyst with over 15 years of full-stack development across multiple platforms and technologies. With a 13-year tenure at First Financial Network and now Array, Steve serves as Director of Product Management, where he leverages his deep industry and technical knowledge to lead product strategy. During his time with FFN, Steve served as Senior Engineer & Data Analyst. In this role, he led the design and development of many of FFN's critical applications, including FFN's first imaging workflow system. He earned a BA in Computer Science and a Minor in Philosophy from Oklahoma State University.


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