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Millions of documents are created daily by different people with different naming conventions and different indexing methods That's Why most organizations struggle with organization an ECM system is not always enough automate the process with

Constellation Processing Cloud

Increases Scale and Quality of document imaging. Reduces labor costs. Allows More acute data mining. works with and improves functionality of ECM systems. No training sets required. minimizes risk.

  • Grouping Analysis

    Array's patented, comparative analysis algorithm automatically groups identical documents based on textual patterns.

    Constellation learns with every new document added and suggests new groupings.

  • Naming Automation

    If you name a single document, Array will identify value patterns to automatically name and group similar documents within logical clusters.

    This automation can reduce business process time by 50%.

  • Data Extraction

    Array can help extract data-points within the documents, making it easy to generate improved business insights.

    Array can search millions of documents in seconds.

  • Quality Assurance

    Array's algorithm is constantly testing and looking for new values to ensure your organization has a clear look into your information.

    One client is currently experiencing an indexing validation rate of 90%.

  • Document Export

    Array can export documents back to your core document management system regardless of file format.

    By adapting to your current system, Array saves you additional investments.