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When a debt recovery service company landed one of the largest financial institutions in the country, it meant great opportunity. But there was a problem. The records that The Bureaus were given from the financial institution were missing critical pieces of information in the collection process. The financial institution sent a separate set of documents with that information.

"My choices were to pay significant overtime to manually enter the data from 15,000 records or tell the new client we weren’t going to be able to meet their tight timeline. I didn’t like either option."

Marian Sangalang, Vice President of The Bureaus

That’s when The Bureaus met Array. Understanding the urgency of the situation, Array quickly adapted their patented data indexing tool to extract those pieces of data to complete their master sheet. One sample data set, a few conversations and a few days later, The Bureaus’ team had started their collection calls. “I couldn’t believe that we had our solution in a matter of days. The process works perfectly, saves us money and allows us to focus our labor on activities that make us money,” says Marian.

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What's the Cost of Clutter?

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90% of organizational information is still on paper in filing cabinets. Those cabinets cost money, and take up valuable square footage.

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It costs on average $20 dollars to file a document. This calculation assumes 20% of your staff is responsible for this function.

Search 0% $XXX,XXX,XXX


Organizations misplace 3% of their documents. It costs on average $120 to find each document.

Recreation 0% $XXX,XXX,XXX


Not as fun as it sounds. Organizations loose 5% of their documents and costs on average $220 per document to recreate.


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