Breaking Ground in The Loss Share Cycle

A community bank was participating in the FDIC's Loss Share program. Facing the impending loss share expiration, the bank was under pressure to clean up its digital documentation, validate critical data points, know what the loans were worth and determine appropriate exit strategies. The bank turned to Array Technology and First Financial Network (FFN) to validate and organize its physical and digital documentation so that it could take appropriate action on the assets.

To streamline the analysis process, Array scanned, digitized and imported all of the documents within the bank's SLA portfolio – nearly 4 million pages. Array ran the bank's entire document ecosystem through the Constellation, the patented cloud-based document identification and naming solution. 

Array's algorithms identify visual discrepancies in the documents to more accurately sort and name files. Constellation quickly and accurately indexed the bank's documents, saving the bank hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars as a result.

Confident in the authenticity of the client’s information, FFN began the due diligence process, extracting and verifying more than 100 unique data points in preparation for valuation and potential loan sale.

Armed with insights from Array Technology’s solutions, FFN provided loan-level valuation on all loans including an extensive valuation report. These services dramatically accelerated the preparation of the client’s SLA portfolio for sale – saving the bank critical time and money.


  • Document Imaging and Compression
  • Document Auto-naming
  • Document Indexing
  • Quality Assurance Review
  • Loan Document Splitting
  • Document Deduplication
  • Loan Data and Document Scrub

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