Organizing the overwhelming

The impact of the Great Recession is still being felt today. One of the initial effects of this global financial crisis was an incredible abundance of loans for regulators and banks to sell. Many institutions turned to First Financial Network (FFN), a leading loan sale advisor, to prepare the loans for market. FFN imaged, indexed, organized and uploaded loans to its virtual data room.

"It's far too time consuming and costly to manually name loan documents. Array automates that for us, with better accuracy, saving time and money, increasing the overall efficiency of our operations,"

Bliss Morris, CEO and founder of First Financial Network.

With enormous volumes of loans pouring in, FFN was faced with more than 30 million pages to process. It quickly became apparent that the traditional, manual process wouldn’t work. The solution? The innovative algorithm at the core of Array's Constellation Processing Cloud. This patented technology automates file naming, document imaging, indexing and data collection. Array fit seamlessly into FFN’s workflow, allowing their staff to keep pace without requiring any additional training.

Saying “it worked” is an understatement. FFN saw tremendous results with Array.

Reduced personnel needs
  • Cut staffing needs by 50%
  • Saved more than $1,000,000 on labor costs alone
Increased accuracy
  • Delivered accurate naming results for 65% of all documents, across all loan types
  • Significantly reduced human errors
Improved efficiency
  • Accelerated process time by 30%
  • Increased processing bandwidth by 300%

“With Array, we’re able to process more loans and increase business,” says FFN CEO Bliss Morris. “We’ve freed up resources to realize new opportunities, refine processes and increase efficiency.”

Array allowed FFN to process loans faster. This efficiency helped the company dramatically outpace competitors. FFN continues to rely on the Constellation Processing Cloud to quickly meet its clients’ strategic needs.

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Organizations misplace 3% of their documents. It costs on average $120 to find each document.

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